The snow has vanished.

It didn’t stay long, merely dropped in to say “hello!” and took a tumble all over the yards and roof tops, brushed off its top hat and cloak and raced back out in the night from which it came.

I am not complaining. Along the lake, you become accustomed to chaotic weather that doesn’t know whether it’s coming or going. And while one may become accustomed to the bizarre patterns, I don’t think one ever quite becomes “used to” the temperature shifts each year.

This is the time of year when for most, a winding up occurs. Grand holiday galas, little parties, sneaking a peck under the mistletoe – the rush from start to finish only gets more frantic the closer to that day of childlike wonder we come.

For me, it’s a winding down – of sorts. An unwinding from the long, complicated year that has tangled itself up before me. A month of introspection and reflection. Digging deep to see what goals I missed, which ones I stayed on target with, which ones I forgot and which ones I added as the year went on. The time when I get to say farewell to another group of students and slowly begin the preparations for the next ones after the New Year.

For a few more days yet, I feel my springs winding tighter still. Soon, though, my focus shifts much like the weather. Soon I too will be tumbling about the lawn making angels and watching for hoof prints on the roof tops. All Rights Reserved. Follow me on Facebook and Twitter.