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Time waits
For no (wo)man
Always spiraling towards some (un)certain chaos
We wait
Oh, Alice
How did it feel
Tumbling down the rabbit hole?
In my whole life
I’ve never met a girl
Sweeter than you.

The daily grind
Hours approaching
Minutes pass
We wonder
what if… what if… what if…
I waited
And you never came
Rain poured down and soaked me through
And still there was no sign of you.

I chased after shadows and clutched onto seconds like a vital elixir of life
Never understanding that life was passing me by with each tick-tick-tick of the clock.
Now I sit back on my heels and wonder – where did that time go?
Why did I subject myself to all of that waiting, by the precious hour-hands of your clock
All of the white rabbits controlling my puppet strings
And I, such a silly Alice, chasing after them all.

Spiraling forward into the here and now
I get it
Hindsight is 20-20 and I can see with perfect vision the reason for it all.
Gazing at the hands that will forever hold my heart
Embracing the cosmic irony that weaves itself through the universe
Smashing every single instance of time to make it stand still
Now that I’ve found my one true love.

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