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It’s a blackboard
Not completely erased
Those fragments  of chalk
All who are left
Of how exactly it all once was.

I remember you
I don’t need a looking-glass to see
Who was there
And when they weren’t
Your shadow always hovers
Just when I think I’m about to catch a glimpse
Of you in the flesh
Your shadow just grins back at me and laughs.

How do you remember it?
What scars did I leave in my wake?
Did I care enough? Too much? Not at all?
Was I as brutal as the remains on the chalkboard?
Those rumors that you left behind I can’t erase
Never seem to fade away

You led
And I followed
And when you actually wanted me by your side
I missed that memo.

So it’s always been this game
Back and forth and shadow and call
I used to know the players
I used to know my part
Time aged us all
Even the chalk dust has settled

And the classroom now sits empty.

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