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I am no Maya
My shoulders have carried troubles
   but my burdens are nothing like hers.
Neither race nor class created my bars that caged me
   My own uncreativity
   Locked me in
   And taught me to sing.

I am no Poe
   Although I tried to be
I clung to dreams like sand
   that slipped through damaged hands
Cried tears for love lost
   Held on at all cost
Before I finally found my voice
And a new way to grasp onto hope.

I am no e.e.
Visionary yes (with
much to offer zigzags
on pages wings flapping
words about) but his
style just ain't me.

I am no Frost
My paths trodden and roads well-traveled
   leave me with senses of lingering, lost
As the hourglass slowly unravels on
   Revealing to me right and wrong
Yet still I must continue moving on
   For all that I've yet to do
   And all that's left to be done.

Unique is what I am
Rhythm and meter and line
Within my stanzas you'll find hidden meanings and hidden rhymes
I wax (philosophically) in code
Some day classes will dissect my works
   like Shakespeare
   searching for sneaky metaphors
   and the keys to break my
   cryptic kingdom.

I am a work in evolving progress
   towards my very own poetic process.
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