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His new M.O.
   sleeked out and slicked back
   with style
No holding back - 
   take charge
   take no prisoners
   take every eye when he walks in the room and leave them - 

A flash of a frisky smile
   perfect pearly whites presenting a flurry of 
   perfectly picked verses for your appraisal
Never mind your approval
   He doesn't operate that way.

If you can differentiate 
   the facts from the fiction of his perfectly perfected persona
   prod and peel for a glimpse of the real
You're wasting your time
   for further beneath the layers
   of fantasy and lies
   the original idea of the man
   a corpse 
      of misplaced trust,
      misconstrued hope,
      misgivings of every single selfless act and notion
   that were once the sustenance of his cells.

No more - 

He grins
   the super slick grin of a man
   caught up in the act
   denying his disintegrating disposition any sort 
      of decent resurrection
Another tragic M.O. system failure.
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