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What pieces are left now
  that the junk has been hauled away
  furniture - sold
  trinkets distributed
We have all laid claim to
  the material possessions
  our memories are chained to
60 years of shelter now
  an empty house
  an empty shell
Oh, the stories these walls could tell!
All that remains are the stains
  in the carpet and
  in our memories.

  these days have drained
  the marrow from our bones
  as we've shifted and sorted
  all that belonged to them.
Time is no one's friend.
  Their generation saw 
  world wars, trench warfare, concentration camps, 
  the Great Depression,
  Revolutions of equality and technology
They lived through it all - they survived
  And now are laid to rest 
  dust to dust.

Losing is hard
  laying to rest is harder
  leaving that which contains memories - hardest of all
  until there are no pieces left.
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