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~ written the evening of July 7, 2012 at Blossom Music Center 
under the spell of the Cleveland Orchestra
(The program:  von Suppe, Mozart, Nicolai, Chopin, and Brahms)


so this is it
the place ideas come from
somewhere between a sonnet and a sunset
an overture and an understanding


the pause before
this romantic interlude begins its woven tale
long shy glances
observation of character
the slope of her neck
the shape of her mouth
the way she held herself in the company of
rivals and suitors, family and fellow workers
the waltz that was her life.

His ability to command
without speaking a word
the playfulness of his eyes
the prowess of power
the way he regarded every friend and foe that crossed his path
the parade that was his life.


an English countryside
unpaved paths
unmarred by the busyness of our world
long flowing dresses
picnics by the lake
the landscape
a swirl of
impressionistic watercolors
the setting for their interlude.

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Author’s Note:

I am always hesitant to post tidbits and broken thoughts, the seeds that sometimes sprout into fully grown poems of their own. These three pieces were all written the same night, but during different songs. Separately, they are weak and yet strung together – they gain a new life.
They have been posted in the order they were written.