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On top of the hill is where I stand
     the valley in darkness sprawled out below
     the warmth of the grass beneath my feet has seeped out
     into the deep cold earth 
I know 
     the wind sways me
Compelled to rise, compelled to fall
Watching as the last light of day
Vivid rampant colors 
        - all drain away
     for the moon to rise and the stars to fall
As each celestial body blinks her eyes
     at the darkness of their dawn 
     stretching out their meager light
     for the likes of me.

The mist drifts in
     so secretive and slow
His ultimate calling card
The deep, dark, dank dew drawing nearer
     silently soaking the hems of my ragged dress
     seducing my skin, caressing my flesh
As the stakes rise and my resolve begins to fall
I pause

I will hold my ground
I will not go down in flames
I will fight for my crown
I will not take the blame

He does not make it easy
     dragging out the hours of the night
Enveloped in his midst
     remembering when he was my light
His whispered breath upon my breast no comfort
     the night breeze freezing my soul
Weary and longing for redemption - the coming dawn to make me whole.

he knows, he knows, he knows
     say the blades beneath my toes
Even the crickets mock me
The wolves with their howls blaspheme my pain
  The taste of blood again so strange on this chosen battle ground.

But I would fight
I will stand guard
For what comes this way knows me
I shall not back down

The wind sways me
My rags soaked with dew
Tear stained face
   twinkling stars too few
Sword in hand as the heavens circle 'round
          With my sword his heart I slew

Light illuminates my face, gives me grace
Reclaimed my crown, my battle ground
My soul at rest, my heart cleansed through.
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