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The lines begin to blur
Upon waking, this doesn't feel real
And that - those images last night
                ... ... ... were just a dream?
Lost in memories
Lost in this dream-space
Your hand and your invitation
Pulling me away
        deeper into it all

You asked and I followed
Further into my very own rabbit hole
Running after you, my guide
Seeing the future of some nether time

      my dream-space

All I want
All I want
All I want
       (these brief seconds)
For this streamship not to diverge from this course
      From your arms
      From this space of us

Nights when Gaiman reigns supreme
         are the norm 
         not the exception
So to be in this place
         dancing to the beat of this drum
         in the lights of this stage
         your music moving everyone
    and me
    your star girl
Will become nothing but an un-memory

in this dream space
      I am the dreaming star
               you made your wish upon
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