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Cosmic Quest (Part I): Awaiting Arrival

This story begins the time before…

Where were you?
     this time is not linear
these planets have not aligned
     and though the eclipse blocks out the sun 
     and leaves us in darkness
it has not burned you out of my mind.

Are you a ghost riding on a meteor's wing
     trailing behind a comet's tail ignited in fury?
Are you taking refuge on a Jovian moon
     healing your wounds
     from your last intergalactic battle with love?
Hurry - 
     stranger, ghost, time traveler from afar
Time moves in a linear fashion here
     and I cannot stall the hour hand much longer.

Where are you?
     Do you live in the past of sputniks and planets 9?
     Did I miss your passing by being born too late?
I wait...
     for shooting stars to mark your arrival.
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