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Cosmic Quest (Part III): Interstellar Romance

the explosion leaves us drained
     a burst of creative energy
surges through the atmosphere
     a cosmic solar flare
   set everything ablaze
reducing us
to stardust.

oh, I need to land
   on something more stable than your nebular energy
I need to find my way this time
        out of this black hole 
        and not farther in it
    push myself out of your orbit
  thrusting away from your gravity
into a void of my own.

phases of the moon
      reveal your faces to me 
        shadows, clouded - leave me wondering
     you control the tides of my emotions
  with little more thought
than the oceans do the sea

I don't want to drown anymore or waste resources on
    this interstellar battle
I want to reach out for a hand
    one that will hold on tight
    keeps me anchored and will not let go.
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