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Roll the dice for me baby
     and don't think twice
Time just started winding its way around the bend
and I'm not cashing out
      So don't you pout
and don't you cry
Santa may have closed up shop
but this is the New Year
       and there's 12 months to play naughty and nice.

Lucky 13
        I ain't superstitious
   not in cards, not in love
   not even for things unseen
             It all just is or it ain't

So you wanna know will this be the year... 
   well the year for what?
gamble on the red of life
       or the black of night
        pay the queen her due
         or dance with kings
Make 'em or break 'em, lay it all on the line
It's another year and we ain't got nothing but time.

       Aces high, deuces wild
I've got the soul of a 5-year-old child
      who likes odd numbers and takin' chances
Playin' with angels and earthly romances
   Then you walked in and gave me a smile

And I put it all on Lucky 13. 
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