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I thought love once
   was meant to be a toxic thing
Cupid's arrows only shot one way
   his poison seeping through his victim's veins
Us all - just puppets
Love the ultimate puppeteer.

I thought love once
   was a never-ending battle
Fighting the good fight
   rooting for the just cause
   drawing lines, creating boundaries, 
      knowing when to pick your battles
Us all - just pawns 
Love the ultimate game.

I thought love once
   was giving in, giving up
settling for what you thought best
   compromising because
      this is the really real world
And because ghosts (and second chances) don't come back.

I thought love once
   was a slow and simple thing
sickly sweet like honey
   that clots and stays, infused everywhere
      If only I could get in
Us all - just bees
Love the ultimate nectar.

I thought love once...

I thought wrong.
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