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you are angel honey
      dripping sweet over feathered wings
      from a darkened place fell
into my lap.

I am the hunter
You are my prey
      illuminated moonlit paths
      beautifully accented
      lead the way
barefoot through the evening dew
      chills my skin, quickens my pace
      racing to your entry point
from where you were to where I am.

You've fallen before and I
I played the role of saviour and saint
      the role of siren and seductress
      Temptress to stay on this earthly plane
Your honey, my angel, drips too sweet to let such a source wane.

My earthly shell is no match for your purity and grace
      in the darkness of the night
      by candle-flame
      can I reveal my true face
I am Psyche to your Eros
      bare ankles and cheeks flushed
      your laughter follows me, warms me
            a true lady's blush
      a maze of thorns I'd suffer, endure
      to receive your gaze, your touch.

A trail of pennies leads me to your door
      breathless, restless
      searching for more
A door, from world to world
      What demons lurk waiting for me if I step through?
      What price to pay for time with you?

The fog thickens, it darkens
      as if to warn 
This path is treacherous.

As the night's rain falls against my breast
Your honey still drips sweetly under these uncelestial orbs
And I find that I cannot rest.
At your door with pennies I wait...
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