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Good morning, 
          sleepy little town
Your blinking street lights
    look like sleepy eyes blinking slowly awake
The sun peeks over the horizon
    just a glimpse at the day to come
The roads dusted with nature's powdered sugar flakes
    undisturbed from any man-made markings.

I am up and about at this ungodly hour
With my own sleepy, blinking eyed babe next to me
Singing I "See the Stars" 
    along the empty roads
The birth of day, 
    the dawn of promise
Soaking in the beauty of these rare moments.

This is my Saturday sunrise,
    out in the cold
    in the gray
    salt stained city
silently yearning to be back in bed underneath the covers

          we sing.
The stars fade, 
          the sun signs his arrival upon the sky.

And so the day begins.
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