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I laid in your arms and cried oceans of tears
You were too frozen to respond
I spilt blood to express the tides of this past year
Yet you were already gone.

In the pale dusk that sets in
Just before the coming dawn
I’ll meet you there.

You accused me of leaving before the flood
That I failed to rescue your drowning heart
You charged me with crimson neglects, regrets
That I faltered constantly right from the start.

In the ghastly dusk that storms in
Just before the creeping dawn
I’ll play your sacrifice.

We were never really anything more than tattered dreams
Wrapped in the shards of our bloodied pasts
We were never really anything of substance
Just another dream not meant to last.

In the dusk that gathers the morning dew
As the dawn begins her awakening
We shall dance and make ourselves anew.

in the dusk before the dawn…

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