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don’t you fret
and don’t you frown
very soon you’ll see
we’re gonna blow this town
so go and pack up your bags
history will laugh at our tale
they’ll say those crazy kids never saw
the future coming straight at ’em faster
than the bullet train they were leavin’ on
got a breath, a prayer, and some change to
spare, that’s okay, yeah that’s all right
nothing can stop us tonight
we’ll board and leave behind
our pasts, fears and doubts
we’ll fool them all
and our names
will be
stuff of
legends so
forget Bonnie
and Clyde our hides soon
will be marked as rebels
just another pair of sly
restless adults looking for more
beyond the walls of our creating
into the wild, wild west of fancy dreams.

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Poet’s Note:
This poem is written in a triple etheree style. Each line reflects a growing number of syllables, 1 through 10, and then reverses 10 through 1, finally ending in 1 through 10 again.

I had a hard time naming it. I toyed with “Ballad of John and Yoko” – taken, I know, but what a different spin this poem takes with a title such as that. I then thought about the show Firefly (Serenity, Ode to Captain Mal) but those weren’t right either. Then, out of the clear blue yonder, “Renegades” popped into my head. And hence a title was born.