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Lick the wound
clean of the fluid
as she takes her trip to the moon.

Saintly we praise
those who taste
the forbidden fruits.

You and I – two of a kind
Spade falls into the heart
Bringing us right back up to the start
Keep your arms around me tight
Tonight, we belong to the arts.

Chopin models his lullabies
on a dark and shadowy stage
we read, drink and turn the page
gaily we dance into the dawn
so fond of Monet we were
painting in his palette color.

You and I – two of a kind
spade goes deeper into the heart
dragging us back with a painful start
keep your arms around me tight
tonight, we keep from falling apart

Running, sunning ourselves
in starlite bath
ignoring the aftermath
of this mess we’ve made
hiding in shadowed stage
of velvet and seude
needing nothing – seek and find
you and I are two of a kind.

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