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Part I:

Don’t we all want to be a little bit more than famous?

Forget the days of “almost”
the 15 minutes reduced to 15 seconds of internet memes and Takei posts
beyond the idols and reality tv
never needing to become a dancing star just to gain your career back
but rather
to become that legendary icon
a poster on an impressionable tween wall
ending up a verb in Webster’s dictionary
invited to all the parties
the galas, the balls

More than famous

A classy kind of famous
graduation speeches, cameo rolls
staying under the paparazzi’s radar in your loaner car
from your spokesmodel deal with Ferrari

Isn’t that what mainstream culture teaches us?

It could be you, it could be you…

Why isn’t this you?

Being good isn’t good enough
being bad will grab you the spotlight and 5 to 10 depending on your crime
go through the levels, the “supposed” to’s
high school, college, job, marriage, change jobs, kids, move, divorce, change jobs
work, work, work – dream of retiring – turn 65 and apply to Kmart to keep your benefits alive
grow old, grow resentful, then die

We watch others get ahead, doing less
and we wonder why life around us is such a mess
it’s not for the common good of all
it’s all for oneself or not at all.

We yearn to be more than famous.

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