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and he said - 

I would have loved her
   is a stunning beauty
Perfectly put together in every way
   that I am not.
A different kind of classy,
   sophisticated first-class act
She had experiences I could never dream of
   or relate to
She sunned herself under the skies of France
   and hiked in the Himalaya's
I was lucky to go to Headlands for a day in the summer
She grew up with pearls around her throat
   Never mind the silver spoon in her mouth.

I would have loved her
I would have cherished every kiss 
   I could place upon her thin cherry lips
Watch her crystal blue eyes light up with every surprise
   I bestowed upon her
Resisting the urge to play with her perfectly coiffed and colored hair.
She continues to live a life I know nothing about
Fancy trips, champagne sips on luxury liners outside Italian vineyards

and he said - 

I would have loved her
I would have cut my soul apart
   a thin sliver
   slice at a time to sustain her
My heart a ripe peach 
   for her perfect teeth to sink themselves into
Feeding her the most beautiful pieces of myself
   just to keep her close
   if that's what it would have taken.

I would have loved her...
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