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To all who served and to those
who continue their legacy:
Thank You
~Author @ the Vietnam Veterans Memorial~
Washington D.C.

They served
and I did not

I listened to the stories
of a horror
unlike any other

Of combat
of deprivation
of hopelessness

Disease, despair, disrepair
shells and shock
barrels and bombs
mortar and fire

The enemy
on the other end of the battlefield
just another
dirty, tired, hungry face
across thousands of feet
of barb wired space

I cannot imagine the fear
and that was just one war.

War has changed
grown cold, calculated
gone are the days of making camp and horse back
of battling with silver blades or silver bullets
people change, technology changes
war reflects the cumulative change of us all

They still fight
a new war, new tactics
yet still the fear remains

And because they serve, they believe, they carry on
it is a fear I am privileged not to know firsthand.

Many thanks to the many boots who carry on.

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