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~ Autumn’s Arms ~
© SincerelyLori.com | Photo: JK

Ominous clouds in the sky
on a Sunday morning drive
underneath such a gray ceiling
makes me wonder about the Winter that lies ahead.

Yesterday was Summer
last night she placed her weary head on her pillow
off to dream until next year.

Autumn greets us now
with her copper-colored curls and handmade shawl.
She’s got her riding boots
all laced up
ready to ride through the trees
and shake loose the leaves.
Her long arms outstretched
to paint vivid colors as she goes by.
She claims this time
this autumn sky
they are hers.

Her white-haired sister Winter
whispers not to worry –
her icicle charms and pale arms
will dust the tree tops
only when Autumn declares the time has come
as she pulls off her boots from a job well done.

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