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And I’d die if he did
But he’s withdrawn enough to dissolve away
Fade right through like a wisp of the wind.

So I’ll cry if he did
Tears pooled around the hem of my skirt
Drips dropping into puddles of rain.

It’s the ghost that he is
I’d put my arms around and draw him in
Exhale a breath and say his name.

It’s the emptiness that I feel now
You’ve embraced your ghost
And I’m suddenly recognizing my own.

Cold never felt so good
As the wisp takes me away
Wherever you go — I’m there too — the two of us –> alone.

Warm drips dropping from lashes to lace
Warm fingers stroking the freckles on your face
Hems to bend in this winter wonderland
Anything can happen, if we want it, it can

And I died as he did.

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