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One activity I have my college students perform is to write down a word they like. Depending on the class size, sometimes I’ll make them jot down 2 or 3 words. Then I will write down all of their words on the board and ask the students to compose a poem from this compiled list. Sometimes, I try and guide them and tell them to pick the most interesting, beautiful words they can think of. Other times, I’ll ask them to write down silly words or even the words they use most often.

Of course, I join in on the fun too. The underlined words are from the compiled list for that class. Below are 2 examples from 2 different classes.

Seriously exotic
drink up this life eternal
don’t sway in your steps
it is not coincidence
that this awesome passion
is more than just a divine prelude
our happiness no outsider can understand
like art, shiny
blink and it decays
beautiful and yet fleeting
not us – ridiculous how silly they think we are
ubiquitous – we flow like money
honey – holla at your gorgeous girl
complacent ain’t the place
for us.

Hi, my muse
You strike me like blue lightning
like a match
charismatic with that
philosophical look in your eye
and that magic under your hat
like good music
can be delicious
or it can be misconstrued.
Like money
down the highway
have to chase it, get it,
then it’s gone.

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