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Can we still be children?

the calendar days go past
pile up on the floor
one after another after another
like scales of skin pouring forth

and from my lips fall old lyrics
from decades past
and the further into the years we go
the longer those lyrics seem to last

Can we still be children?
For how long?

make me a promise
invite me to do cartwheels on the lawn
sing at the top of our lungs until dawn
spin and spin with no cares, unaware
of the responsibilities behind the door

What is all this for?

dress me up in which ever way you choose
blonde, brunette, pink, purple, white
stop pretending to put up a fight
as children there’s nothing left to lose

there’s nothing to fear
monsters can’t hurt our fragile hearts
rumors can’t pin our egos down
we can finish what we start
or leave it all behind
as children we have time

turn back the clock with me
let’s know each other then
when our eyes were wide
confiding secrets by passing notes
when nothing written couldn’t be unwrote

You see me now
in this grown up flesh
and I think

Can we still be children?

sneaking out after dark
stealing kisses in the park
all the things I never did
didn’t have the courage to do
even the day you showed up at my front door
I refused to believe
that you
that you could be interested in this girl

calendar days gone past
piles upon piles
stack up into one complicated

Can we still be children?

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