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~ Patches ~
© SincerelyLori.com | Photo: NASA*

There are patches of grief.
There are patches of joy.

In some areas,
there is hunger and pain and fear.
In others,
laughter and abundance.

The satellites photograph our landscape
showing bright spots of city lights
the darkness of the land untamed
And I wonder
what infrared spectrum scope
could catch a glimpse
at the patches
of happiness
that exist.

He sits in mourning,
the loss of a loved one too fresh, too real
She frets over
how she’ll pay the bills and feed her child
They eat and celebrate
another success, more gifts, more excess
Who struggles, who succeeds
who hungers for more
Pain, pleasure, grief, joy

What would such a map look like?
What bright spots would light up under such a lens?
What would we learn of our enemies? Our friends?

I wonder if Cola would jump in where the gaps were high
market more products, blimps in the sky
Pressuring, seducing, cooing “buy, buy, buy”

Or send angels where the pain of a child roars
gifts of mother’s love on wings that soar
keep calm, carry on
never able to ignore… not anymore…

So many patches.

* This poem was inspired by the image above, which is one of the following satellite photos, used here under NASA guidelines.

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