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the list was once long
and beautiful
limitless in possibility
as far as the child’s mind could imagine
as far as the soul could see

no boundaries
no restrictions
deep-sea exploring or
upwards to the stars
spaceships and new worlds
doctor, leader, ballerina
trapeze artist, professional dreamer

never a doubt that one could achieve
anything the child’s heart dared to believe
but then
Adulthood knocks upon the door
turning what was once limitless
into a confined chore

Excuse is the next to enter the room
with a tip of his hat and a look of gloom
blaming all who make contact in the web of one’s life
Rife with discontentment, panic, confusion, and strife

we were told the sky’s the limit
unless you could dream beyond
but education doesn’t teach
how to find where you belong

she asked me with hope in her eyes
“what is my calling?”
and sadly,
I had no reply
the blind leading the blind
as I have yet to find my own.

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