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Your space split by us
No longer just you
Your stuff
Your rooms
Your walls
I snuggle in close
Work my way under your covers
On your side of the bed
Wrapping my cold legs around your warm ones
Placing my ice cold feet on your warmer ones

Even in the haven of your room,
You are not you
You are longer alone
Your rooms are not empty
I’ve seeped into every nook and cranny
(except that one closet – that’s yours
and your tool bench
we’ll talk about the garage later)

Our silverware and glassware mingles
Our bowls stack
Our colanders collide
Our blankets and pillows take turns tossing about

I put my first book upon your shelf yesterday
Standing in front of our great wooden cases
What comes next
Whose duplicate copy of Interview with a Vampire
Gets recycled?
Whose Critique of Pure Reason
Gets reasoned out?
So many duplicate copies
Ranging all types of subjects
It’s no wonder we’re together
After all, the couple that philosophizes together
stays together

My stuff spills everywhere about y(our) house now
(don’t think I haven’t noticed)
I am all too aware
How much has changed

Your space
Split by us
Our space
Now our home

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