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There are songs
quotes and clichés
getting up after being down
finding inspiration after running out of perspiration
the labors of love birthed from exhaustion

and then what is ultimately revealed
a timely resurrection

I haven’t
pulled myself up by my bootstraps
nor nursed a good idea to light
pulled the ink from the well and drawn
a quick scribbling, root tootin’ lady of the wild west
ready at high noon for a showdown of a fight

I got tired of waiting
declared enough is enough
I’m owning this bad boy
heaved that dry spell over my shoulder
and had it quartered
in hopes of turning an intellectual profit
dusted off that good ol’ trusty quill
cocked my ten-gallon hat
lasso’d me a good ream of the finest paper
and waltzed into the sunset
with a trial of the finest prose ablaze behind me.

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