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(3/30 – 30 Poems in 30 Days – April National Poetry Month)

[Prompt: Comparing Rooms]

It is cool and sterile here
With bright lights
and in this room
Bland walls
The only things that differentiates it from a doctor’s office
are the smell
and the vibrant stokes of paint hung neatly on the walls.

The moon hangs on one
suspended in animation
200 years ago
still as beautiful and serene then
as she is now
She is immortal, ageless
her freckles and features
forever youthful from our decaying skies
A pageant queen, vampire in white silk
always with us

Sitting here, waiting to be cured
feels no different
whether gallery or examining room
I know what ails me in this moment
I know that the Moon knows
she’s seen it before, thousands of times
We love her, we praise her, we curse her
we beg her for mercy and wait for the tides
when inspiration flows in and washes over our feet
electrifying our souls
and giving us the prescription we need to make ourselves all better.

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