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(12/30 – 30 Poems in 30 Days – April National Poetry Month)

[Prompt: Opening line – “All [he/she/I] asked for…”]

All she asked for
was purpose
to live purposefully
in this jaded era of egos and politics

It was a large request, true
she knew
that others before her asked for more
deeper, urgent, vital matters
the kind where life hung in the balance
she knew
that her request could easily be denied

Some say
it took a lot of guts
to finally arrive at the front of the line
and ask
not for peace or the resolution of worldly concerns
but the resolution
of her own timeline
Where was she to go?
What was she to do?
Should she lead? follow?
In the whole cosmos was she just a sperm and an egg
an evolutionary journey with a fatal conclusion
or was Destiny really guiding her hand?

How does one live purposefully? That’s all she asked for.

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