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(6/30 – 30 Poems in 30 Days – April National Poetry Month)

[Prompt: Plaid]


Various shades of plaid

A grunge girl at heart
There’s something about
Red plaid
That not quite tartan look of flannel
That brings back
Pearl Jam, Nirvana
That one scene from My So-Called Life
the one where Angela just stares at an unraveling button on Jordan’s button down shirt
I think
of Shirley Manson
the power of the 90s female lead vocalist
and all of the other 90s women who rocked the alternative / grunge scene.

It will show my age just how long ago those days were
and as it stands
I was still too young to fully enjoy them
But there’s something ingrained in me now
that even as an adult
I still love and have a spot in my closet
for red plaid.

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