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(17/30 – 30 Poems in 30 Days – April National Poetry Month)

[Prompt: Acrostic Poem – In Honor of #BFP20]

I love her voice and her ability to take risks
Never a dull moment with the infamous red head

The way she tickles the ivy
Humming that Boys for Pele tune
Each album a different stroke of genius

She gave him praise
Playing her harpsichord in his honor
Ringing her hands
In anticipation
Needing to feel each note
Grinding in time to the beat
Tune in, tune up
I’ll never forget
My first concert nor those after
Each memory a story

Of the time I scored a
Front row ticket from security

How I made a few new friends
I went once with my mom
She surprised me once with tickets during the Tori/Alanis tour

Very near and dear to me this album
On the record player the vinyl spins
On my heart her voice pins down
Dreams of another kind, another time
Ongoing, on repeat
On past the spring, summer, into the fall, getting me through winter until once again

….”he was going to show me spring.”

Author’s Note

It’s a been a beautiful few days here where I am, spring is in full bloom. And when finding a poetry prompt, I found the Acrostic poem and began playing with title ideas. And then Tori’s song popped into my head and I thought – could I make a poem out of the letters of this song? Challenge accepted. Boys for Pele is celebrating 20 years. Keep bringing the music, Tori. We’re still eagerly listening…

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