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(18/30 – 30 Poems in 30 Days – April National Poetry Month)

[Prompt: Two Sides of a Story]

Beneath the evening tide
with a full moon in the sky
he lays there undisturbed
as the birds above him fly
and the waves rise and fall
as day turns into night
life itself goes on
he will wait until the time is right
with open eyes he watches
a sad smile on his face
time will not stop
he wonders if he will leave this place.

Above the morning tide
with a cloud draping over the sun
she checks on him constantly
as her guilt weighs a ton
she feels deep remorse
as her paranoia grows
life itself goes on
and she’s the only one who knows
if she closes her eyes
she can relive each memory
of the time she loved the man
who lives deep below the sea.

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