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(23/30 – 30 Poems in 30 Days – April National Poetry Month)

[Prompt: Write a poem without using the letter E.]

Boss man said
All of us got to hold back
Shortag on fifth thing after D
“Wait, what? No A…B…C…D…(___)…F…G,” said I.
“That’s what I said,” proclaims Boss
And as words flop from my lips
I know
(___) is not found among any sampling
I’m stuck
It’s as though a Mafia boss (or four)
Put out a hit
On a truthfully important portion of writing
What am I to do without it?
Hunt down minor, third-string, small-fry sorts
Go through lists of similar thoughts
Hoping to find right proofs and points
Talk and sound off without bringing up
Such a worthy thing
Thing is such a blah thing to call it
Still, what a vital thing it is

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