King – Ohio

Ohio Created by Drew King

Created by Drew King

Poem Title: Lascaux, Ohio

Inspired by “Ohio” by Drew King

Lithograph prints of Elaine De Kooning
harken back to the relics
that line the cave walls
in the southwest of France

Painted with pigments
crushed minerals
carefully stroked and chiseled
into the earth
a prehistoric record
of what once
was us.

Two thousand years from now
among what’s left of the Great Serpent Mound
valleys once named
from the Wyandot and Chippewa tongue
the Cuyahoga’s, the Allegheny’s
other burial and cultural hotspots
they will find the record of us
as we are now, as we were then

our pigments of oil and tar
etched into the earth
with tie-rods and sway bars
they will speculate and contemplate
and abhor our treatment of the land

they will gaze upon this “golden age”
and proclaim these works
Lascaux, Ohio.

Artist: Drew King
To learn more about Drew King and his work, visit Image used with permission from the artist. © 2012 – 2017. All Rights Reserved.

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