Jut Created by Nicole M. Schneider

Created by Nicole M. Schneider

Poem Title: The Space Behind the Lines

Inspired by “Jut” by Nicole M. Schneider

Intrigued by the void
The cold
Blackness of space
Accentuating teal lines
That play a game of object identification with the mind
       a musical staff
       or the silhouette of a country’s flag
It’s the black
       around a geometrically rambunctious rhombus
Offering a nice cold stretch of empty space
That gives one pause
       a solid background
       an absence of color
       a night sky without a star.

But it’s the space
Behind the lines
       that draws a second glance
Hidden shapes and shadows
       behind vertical blinds
       playing peek-a-boo
       wondering how such objects float
       when devoid of atmosphere
The dusty white parcel
       a moon on which to land
       or a station on which to dock
Intersecting violet lines giving directions as we approach
Behind the lines
       swirls and shapes
       cosmic dust
       pulls in, pushes out
       even in the void
       all things jut.

Artist: Nicole M. Schneider
To learn more about Nicole M. Schneider and her work, visit Image used with permission from the artist. © 2012 – 2017. All Rights Reserved.

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