Pink Trim Created by David Masters

Pink Trim
Created by David Masters

Poem Title: Pink Trim

Inspired by “Pink Trim” by David Masters

pink satin sheets
                     pulled up
                     tucked in
                     over a flannel covered
              1930s box frame

just a piece of a first world luxury
              hung on a wall
              a mismatched set of textures
              as confused as a Lake Erie season
just a corner on which to rest my head
              and listen to the stories
              that echo through the walls, through time

when first married
they had no blankets
my grandparents
                     so young
                     so poor
starting together after the war
       had only their coats
in the days that followed
the factory on strike
              the rent due
              and a newly discovered little one on the way
their one suitcase packed
              following the road from Canton to Cleveland

gazing now at the warmth of thickly spun cotton
              with a cool satin silk spun sheet
I wonder if the springs creek
              upon the wall
what stories are left to tell
what textures against our skin
              will remind our next of kin
              of us

Artist: David Masters
To learn more about David Masters and his work, visit Image used with permission from the artist. © 2012 – 2017. All Rights Reserved.

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