A Little Revolutionary

I am a revolutionary.
I think.
Aren’t I?

We all have that moment when
we know what we’re destined for.
Most times I just feel like a cog in the wheel
Winding up and moving ever faster in my track towards a turning, tumbling catastrophe
But that’s just me.

I was taught to think outside the box
The first generation to be told and sold on that phrase
to think wider, grander
to come up with innovative solutions
to solve the problems the previous generations left for us.
Some days, I believe in the Matrix.

The bad with the good. No light without darkness.
We cannot become what we envision until we believe in ourselves enough –
believe that it can be done.
And then take the measures to plan and progress and change the world for the better.

I admit, I’m a pessimist and an optimist
A philosopher and a teacher of wisdom
I make my mark upon the world
One small scratch, one small seed
one small word of kindness
one small hope, one small idea
one small promise for change
one small call to action
at a time.

One small belief that my positive actions
will be added to the cosmic wheel of evolution for the betterment of all.
I am a Little Revolutionary.

2011 - Vending MachineFrom: Vending Machine: Poetry for Change Volume II
Published by: The Poet’s Haven
November 2011


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