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I knew once the intoxicating taste of jazz
so sweet on a humid august afternoon
ever so briefly the moment crescendos...

where do you go?
in that moment before breath dawns into the breaking of a sound
so beautiful
bounding down a roadway racing with angels I'll never pretend to understand
where do you go
in that moment when you close your eyes
so briefly
as your face reveals the vision that you put into your music
so where do you go?
on towards the path that is your destiny...

music is so predictable
after this much of human history
nothing is original
it's all soul related
each stanza a forgotten memory
You're nothing new
just a reconstructed version 4.0 of something done once before
then why is it 
   that the melody of you
      strikes a chord in me?
maybe we were once combined together in a prelude...

Red Sails in the Sunset
I know this is goodbye
the taste of passion is erased from my memory
replaced by a word and an image of you
destiny led me to you once
if the fates so desire
we shall meet again
I can taste that lingering jazz...

The Mill.
Baldwin-Wallace College.
2005 edition.

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