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Cosmic Quest (Part II): Kinetic Energy

     pulsating energy
live wires, exposed, worn thin over time
     the elements acting as the ultimate
we are
     kinetic energy
two polar opposites so highly charged
     highly drawn to each other
     and within our own force field
     when we align
          nothing can pull us apart.

But time is wearing us down
     and the elements are exposing more than we bargained for
Our faults becoming so much more deeply defined
     and what had previously drawn us together
          is slowly forcing us apart.

The longer I go
     away from your influence
     the more I begin to wobble
     like some satellite, slowly spinning out of orbit
Your electromagnetic pull is weakening
     the divide is widening
     and I, once again, am coming back into my own
A powerful entity
     energy to be reckoned with
     free to pull in any celestial wonders
     whose trajectory is within my sphere of reach, within my gravity.

Outside of your realm, I wonder
     what drew me in?
Or if it was just a matter of time, circumstance and flight path?

There is no objectivity to this hodgepodge design
     when you're in too deep
     it's impossible to see the galaxy for the stars
I wonder if I'm assigning meaning
     where there really is none
If I've spent too much time here in this system
     If - in my quest to get involved 
     I lost myself in the solar flares that followed.

We are 
     kinetic energy
          the likes of which I've never seen nor experienced
The universe wobbled
     and like two magnets rocked upon their sides
     our force - once pulling, once pushing 
     now rests 
          in neutral.
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